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Jan 21, 2013 11:00pm PST
sf city, a citizen's initiative for technology and innovation, which was aimed at the new developing companies to give us a constant dialogue about their ongoing needs. anything we have done is they have also embraced the needs of our city. it is a two-way conversation. that led to us revising our stock options. we were one of the few cities in the country that was taxing stock options. again, not understanding how the ipo was working for the startup companies, realizing that we would be punishing them for their growth and turnaround, so we gave them another six-year exemption on that. by the way, if we grow, if we sustain and assist you in growing, can you help us with job training? that is what started the conversation on sf city. they have an ongoing program to create the curriculum for hiring kids or our public schools and aimed at returning veterans, career folks that want to get into technology-based industries, and then the snowball effect has really helped. twitter, not even moving in -- there are four companies that have moved into the market because of this. san disk, zoosk
Jan 5, 2013 7:00pm PST
francisco. it's great to be here. as you know, i've been working really hard with organizations like sf city and code for america and others to make sure that we keep being leaders in technology and celebrating our status, but also implementing the programs to help us continue that very nice title we have, the innovation capital of the world. and i am here today in collaboration with board president david chiu and so many others from our committee on information technology, spur, our different various city departments, really trying to improve on what we've done already. back in 2009 then mayor gavin newsome to the light of all of us had introduced that we ought to really establish some guidelines to open up our city's data. and in the year later, the board, less legislation, the first open data legislation in san francisco that made us cutting edge throughout the country, the first to come out and say to everybody in the public, to people who wanted to create businesses, wanted to look at the city with kind of an open invitation to involve themselves with what the city had. and part of that
Jan 7, 2013 4:00pm PST
out what i think is happening with great organizations like sf city and our technology companies, that we want to embrace technology as a way to announce this. so with that i am going to do the first tweet. tweeting. the new hash tag we would like everybody in the bay area to also utilize in their effort to go viral on this. there it goes. hopefully it goes on there. the hash tag sf super bowl! [applause] >> this is one example. facebook, google plus, instagram. we have all these wires in having people talk to us. what would they want and establish it, what kind of events that will help us be even more philanthropic about this. san francisco, santa clara, san jose, we want that effort to insight people to take this opportunity to join our nfl, join our 49ers, to join all of our sports crazy efforts and education efforts and all the things that we really reflect success in the san francisco bay area to join us in promoting this event and making sure that when we are ready to submit our bid to the nfl in may of next year that we will have created a community-based bay area wide eff
Jan 10, 2013 10:00pm PST
and in the technology world. sf city has really been a driving force behind helping government think about new ways, new and improved ways maybe for some of you they're old ways now. but new and improved ways for government to reach users of our programs and services. and i want to say the last special thank you to the folks from apple-liscious. this thing is awesome. this past year, the trust for public land which is a national parks organization determined that san francisco, which has 4,000 acres of open space and over 220 parks, over 15% of the city's land is open space. the trust for public land said we have the best urban park system in america. and the challenge for us is making sure that all of our park users understand all of the wonderful things in our park system and know how to use our parks to tailor to their own specific experience. as diverse as this city is, there are hundreds if not thousands of different ways that people like to use and enjoy our parks. and in this app there is information about our parks, about our play grounds, about our ball fields, about our trails, about our commu
Jan 5, 2013 11:00pm PST
by our climate change ordinances and our plan to be updated and the sf puc plan and the city set forth aggressive greenhouse gas reduction targets. san francisco emissions come from a variety of sources, but electricity is about 25% of that, so it's one of the largest areas for reduction in the city. san francisco's electricity supply is actually quite clean to the national average. we are 41% renewable if you include hydro electric power and hetch hetchy and pg&e hydro generation, but the goal as set out by mayor newsom is to become 100% renewable and we have a task force comprised of leaders and community and stakeholders, environmental ngo's and the local utilities and relevant city departments. the task force met for 18 months monthly to discuss issues with renewable energy development for the city and the was to do this goal within 10 years so we looked at barriers and technical opportunities, financial aspects and of course public education and awareness, and ultimately outlined recommendations around three areas, energy efficiency and utility generation and the course identif
Jan 7, 2013 11:00am PST
power sf at the very top of it because it's now what we approved as a city and the mayor will be supportive of it because it's in the context of this plan. i think it makes sense to do that. >> yeah, and i think we could do an update to what happened and there has been movement since this year. this was drafted in may and there has been a lot of motion in the last six months we could provide an update on. >>i know this is listed as a discussion item but bring a res diewgz for the next meeting and i encourage also in the next resolution a discussion of public power generally and we can talk about the phrasing of that, but i think that -- it's hard to imagine how you even with cca, how you get to the objectives without other considerations. i mean you have a discussion of municipal load which is a good thing but i don't think that goes far enough. commissioner avalos. >> yeah. i just want to be clear of what i just said because i think it's important that we have -- i think 25 recommendations at least. >> 29. >> 39. >> 39. that's a lot like to list and then say we're
Jan 15, 2013 9:00am PST
of the grand promise of hope sf, to transform the city's most troubled public housing complexes into vibrant and exciting new mixed income neighborhoods that better serve their current and future residents, their communities, and the city as a whole. bringing world class design, first-class amenities and construction quality, green building materials and systems, no involuntary re dent displacement, a guaranteed right to return to a new unit, and new job training, employment opportunities and comprehensive supportive services to hunters view, phase 1 delivers on the promise we made to the residents eight years ago, but this was not about -- this was about improving their quality of life and their prospects for the future, not about making a buck and not about taking the land away for market rate redevelopment purposes. * so, i am so proud to be delivering on that promise here today. with 25 units, the buildings that surround you represent just 3% of the total hunters view transformation to come. when we complete the two buildings up the hill, we will have gotten to 15% completion. when we st
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 234 (some duplicates have been removed)